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Our task is to protect the parties, for this we will receive for deposit the sum that the buyer will use to pay the btc, our task is to keep and protect them, until the receipt of the btc, escrow crypto service uses its experience in the cryptocurrency world to protect the seller as well, for this reason he will release the deposit in favor of the seller, after checking the delivery and arrival of the btc on the platform, after checking the delivery of the btc our team will release the entire amount by instant bank transfer sum to the seller, less the costs of our service.

Why choose Escrow Cripto Service


Our bitcoin escrow account service is among the most convenient on the market, the result of an organization dedicated to cryptocurrencies


Escrow Cripto Service guarantees total anonymity to the parties covered by the contract


Our bitcoin escrow account service is among the most convenient on the market, the result of an organization dedicated to cryptocurrencies

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Evaluation team

Once your request is received, our evaluation team made up of lawyers, analysts and cryptocurrency experts, will study the transaction the legitimate origin of the buyer money, and the legitimate origin of the seller’s btc. And will communicate the outcome of the DUE Diligence on the parties by certified email.


With the communication of a positive outcome the parties will receive our customized contract which must be signed by both parties. All in total privacy for both parties, buyers and sellers.


Escrow Cripto Service undertakes not to disclose information relating to contracts entered into with its customers.


For our internal policies, Escrow Cripto Service, does not recognize fees, commissions or other payments other than the seller that will be declared in the contract. Penalty rejected by our deal evaluation team.


You can log in to your account to view or delete any personally identifiable information we have stored, such as name, address, email or phone number. You can also contact us by email to request to see or delete this information


We don’t allow advertising companies to collect data through our ad targeting service

Bitcoin is anonymous

While there are ways for government agencies and law enforcement agencies to process a bitcoin account owner (in most cases), it is actually hard work. They are unlikely to initiate a lengthy and complex investigation that requires warrants and court orders because someone has been deceived for a $ 100 purchase. This makes the odds of scammers being caught very, very low.

The scam artists of the world know this, and as such bitcoin ‘, unfortunately, their currency of choice. By using a escrow service, buyers can eliminate much of the risk associated with bitcoin transactions by ensuring that the seller gets their money only when the buyer is satisfied with the transaction.

Bitcoin is irreversible

If you get scammed online using a traditional payment method (like a credit card), you have a fair amount of protection provided by your bank. If you pay for something that doesn’t arrive (or significantly different from how it was described), you can call your credit card company and get the transaction canceled. However, due to the nature of the blockchain and the decentralized principles of bitcoin when something goes wrong with a bitcoin transaction – there is no one to call.

Bitcoin transactions are 100% irreversible. Once the money has left your wallet and ends up in the scammer’s wallet, it’s gone forever. Using a guarantee deposit service, the scales are provided in favor of the buyer. The fact that bitcoin transactions are irreversible becomes a problem since, unless you are satisfied, the recipient will not receive the money.

Our escrow deposit in 4 simple steps

1. deposit found


2. start transaction

3. wait until complete

4. release fund

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